Annalog [Calesta] is a Milwaukee-based DJ who in just a few short years has begun to make a name for herself in the Milwaukee [MKE] electronic music scene. Calesta made her entry into the DJ world when a number of circumstances collided, beginning in her childhood. Throughout her childhood, her father was a hobbyist DJ who DJ’d at home on occasion. In 5th grade, Calesta’s parents purchased her a guitar and she taught herself to play, furthering her already growing interest in music. Although she has transitioned into electronic music, the guitar continues to be one of her musical loves and she continues to dabble on occasion. While away at college at Chicago’s Columbia University, she became familiar with the electronic music scene in the city, including a female DJ duo named Lewis & Clarke, who were highly influential to Calesta when it came to her motivation to begin as a DJ.

Upon returning to Milwaukee, she met Milwaukee-based DJ Moses while working at an apparel store in Milwaukee. The two quickly found they had a lot in common and became friends. Moses, already heavily immersed in the MKE Hip Hop and electronic music scenes, encouraged Calesta to pursue her musical interests and quickly provided her with an opportunity to perform live at venues around the city. Calesta started to DJ the Mason Jar Hip Hop open mic night in 2014, and that quickly became a regular gig. After the residency at Mason Jar, other gigs were quick to follow for the talented young DJ.


  • Bad Genie
  • Pourmans
  • Vagabond
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